It Feels Safe

It feels safe to figure things out. Idea generation and creative problem-solving using new, best-in-class facilitation methods, processes and tools, keep people engaged and on point.


Hurry up. Focus on the urgent.  Put out the fires. It seems it’s about being reactive all the time. There’s no time to think, create, plan or execute on the goals that really matter. Yes, it’s necessary to have a sense of urgency for change. But too much urgency as in “burning platform” tamps down idea generation and creativity necessary to overcome obstacles to change.


We believe you must go slow at first to go fast because we believe change is a journey, much more often evolutionary than revolutionary. For sure change is NOT a single, one-time event. Humans just don’t work like that.


We believe ideas flow where people feel free to brainstorm. We believe people learn and solve problems where the working environment is set up to have the conversations they want to have, need to have, but haven’t had. These are the conversations that put leaders on the same page, identify and resolve friction points, envision the future, plan the execution and build trust among leadership team members.


Our role is to structure the project, to ask the questions and to facilitate the conversations in one-on-one sessions and in team meetings to spur the best thinking. We step in only when it’s necessary to pull the conversation forward.


Some of the tools we use to create the safe space:

  • Custom-designed agendas
  • Facilitated focus groups
  • Café-style discussions
  • Graphic facilitation and graphic recording
  • Executive coaching
  • Leadership development programs