To achieve results, among the things we provide:


• Change management – dealing with all facets, resistance to culture

• Strategic visioning – across several industries, including nonprofits

• Scenarios and scenario planning – envisioning future alternatives

• On-going strategic conversation – adjusting, implementing direction

• Action planning, implementation planning and follow-up – assigning tasks, setting dates, formulating an annual plan

• Team, group development – coaching to achieve high performance

• Values development – aligning individual with workplace

• 360-degree leadership development – growing individual abilities

• Internal customer/employee surveys – gathering actionable intelligence

• Culture/climate assessment and change – aligning culture with strategy

• Performance indicator development – setting measurable goals

• Internal communication support – setting strategy, managing messages for change

• Group facilitation – from consensus workshop to mission and values development 

• Process improvement – changing to better serve customers

• Public opinion, market input, next generation focus groups – using small, interactive groups

• Marketing materials – brochures to offering memoranda

• Business development – targeting programs to value propositions to coaching