“There’s no question Bill has set us up to be successful in the future. He has deep and sound processes. He has helped us stay focused on our new strategies and been a reliable source of knowledge in implementing those strategies. When we’ve had questions, he’s been there to guide us. His experience shows through in the depth of discussions we’ve had on a wide variety of management topics.” Keller Webster – President KWA Construction

“Providing the leadership to go deep in our strategic thinking. Then, concisely expressing that thinking to others. That’s what Bill Bancroft and his Conbrio crew do when we work together. Bill helps me and my team look at all the plausible alternative futures, to stress test our direction, to confirm or modify different parts of our strategy. Then he helps us articulate in words and images the messages I need to convey to prospective investors. He is so effective, prospective investors understand the opportunities we offer better than our competitors’. That’s led to our enormous success in raising the capital we need and in delivering the results we envisioned.”
Phillip Wiggins – Managing Principal
Stratford Company

“I have worked with many facilitators before, but I have never met a facilitator like Bill. It seemed like his interest and excitement over the success of the team and the workshop exceeded those of some members on the team. Bill’s preparation and his understanding of the team members and the team dynamics before the workshop even started were early indicators that he was already vested in the results! The overall structure and the flow of the workshop were very well designed and the pieces fit together in a natural way. During the workshop Bill impressed me as he was in a constant learning mode, adapting as needed to steer the team towards the intended goal. This was not always easy as there were some deep technical dives during the week. Last but not least, it was simply a pleasure to work with Bill. He is fun to work with and there is always an element of learning from him in every conversation. He certainly made the difference for our workshop.”
Global Fortune 500 Company

“I asked Bill and his team at Conbrio to deliver two different strategy projects, one in the private, the other in the not-for-profit sector. The results were outstanding. They made people ready to move forward quickly and effectively. The strategy projects were the most recent in a string of various projects that I’ve done with him over several years. Ideas he first introduced to The Staubach Company when we began working together have stood the test of time. They were so pivotal to the success of our marketing program we institutionalized them, making them a part of our sales and marketing culture.”
Ka Cotter – Retired Vice Chairman
The Staubach Company

“Bill Bancroft is a great strategist. He facilitates the thought process to bring out ideas and identifies alternatives you haven’t thought about. He brings his planning ability to the table, too. People talk about putting a plan together; he does it and you can use it to follow through and check your progress as you go. He helped us establish a sound strategy and plan, a strategy and plan that could be maintained, a strategy and plan that allowed us to keep in touch with the market.”
Eduardo Medellin – Chief Executive Officer
Infinity Management

“What has occurred is that the majority of the city council has stopped getting complaints entirely…it’s just amazing. Our charge to the city manager (for the Development Review Process) was “Fix it, and fix it forthwith!”…It was to do something that would actually work. And it’s a marvel. It’s been working. I don’t get emails anymore with this being reported as a problem. And I don’t get telephone calls anymore. And more importantly, the development in our community goes forward.”
John Monaco – Mayor
City of Mesquite, Texas

“I had a chance to sit through a few of these strategic plans and have raised concerns about some in the past. I am going to say that this is, from my perspective, the best strategic planning effort that I’ve ever participated in during my tenure here at the NTTA. Bill, I appreciate your leadership and the whole process. The Board was engaged, involved, and provided direction. It’s a good process, the best process I’ve ever participated in. Thank you.”
Alan E. Sims – Member, Board of Directors
North Texas Tollway Authority
City Manager, Cedar Hill, Texas

“‘CHANGE’ and ‘CHURCH’ are two words that do not seem to go together well. In fact, change is often one of the most difficult things to bring about in any organization. At Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Bill Bancroft made the difference in helping us navigate needed changes in a way that respected and brought people along with a positive spirit. If you are looking for help in managing change in a creative and well thought through way I highly recommend working with Conbrio Consulting!”
Luke Biggs – Senior Pastor
Prince of Peace Lutheran Church, Carrollton, Texas

“It’s challenging for parish leaders working together with clergy to make needed changes that move a parish forward and deepen its commitment to mission…to know what to do in situations to identify and involve all stakeholders, to get the necessary commitment to act and to deliver on that commitment. Conbrio is experienced, effective and adaptive at guiding these conversations, recognizing possibilities and obstacles and providing creative direction so church leaders can discern what their vision is and isn’t and how to achieve it.”
Tom Blackmon – Rector
Christ Episcopal Church, Covington, Louisiana

“It is our belief that when the time to perform arrives, the time to prepare is past. Your leadership for our planning session has clearly left us in a performance mode. Your blend of activities and process proved engaging and thought provoking. This approach allowed us to launch and then refine visions and thoughts. Unlike many facilitators, you left us not just with theory, but a strategy. Through your mix of activities we were able to further dream and bond as a team, but most important we created a strategy and instrument that will allow us to guide the St. Philip’s ministry.”
Terry J. Flowers – Executive Director
St Philip’s School and Community Center